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Stargate SG-1
Automated Mary Sue Litmus Test
Based on the  manual test by Phantom Chic


First of all, not every original character is a Mary Sue.  Most original characters are not, and for this, we can all do the Dance of Joy.  On the other hand, the Stargate fandom (like most others that inspire fanfiction) is filled with them, and only a few realize it. Remember, by the simplest definition, a Mary Sue is an idealized version of the author.

This test is designed to help an aspiring author determine whether his or her character is a Mary Sue. The scoring is simple -- for every question answered "Yes," (even if it's "technically yes, but...") a number of points are added to your score. Be honest; you're not helping yourself by saying "But it doesn't really count because ... " The higher your score, the more likely it is the character is a problem, or worse, is a retread of an hundred characters exactly like him/her/it.

Note: I should make clear that many of these Mary Sue indicators did not originate with me.  I have drawn heavily (and with permission) from the Original Mary Sue Litmus Test (for Gargoyles fanfiction) and the Mary Sue Litmus Test at the P/T Collective.  And before you e-mail me in protest, remember that this test is only for original fanfiction characters (i.e. not Sam, Danny, Thor, Cassie, etc.).

(c) 2003 by M. Uli Kusterer and the respective authors, all rights reserved.